David King

In my studio practice, I am compelled to represent ideas and images through material accumulation and manipulation. The objects and installations that I make are intended to invite participation and cultivate understanding but at the same time connote distortion, dissidence and confusion. I use light, glass and other materials to convey experiences that may be transient or disorientating. I intend to exploit the poetic potential of phenomena created by visual perception such as perspective and optical illusion. This work explores the connections between our collective understanding of the natural world and the avenues by which we experience and have defined that world. By keeping my source content diverse and varied, the opportunities for conceptual cross-fertilization allows the work to stay unencumbered and sometimes unexpected.


David King is originally from Dayton, Ohio. He holds an MFA from Tyler School of Art, Temple University. His work has been show nationally and internationally and featured in New Glass Review 32 and 34. He has been a Wheaton Fellow at the Creative Glass Center of America in Millville, NJ and recognized as an emerging artist at the 42nd Annual Glass Art Society Conference, Idea, Impact, and Innovation: 50 years of American Studio Glass. David has been a teaching assistant at Pilchuck Glass School and is currently and an instructor at the Ohio State University.